Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One last pool day!

Things have taken a recent spin... I think in a positive way ;) We finally took the initiative to just buy me a plane ticket home to Boise! So in 3 days, on Saturday Hudson and I will jetset to Boise!!! yayyy. I'm very excited, yet anxious to have everything here packed up and ready for Derek to move it home. Which will be about a 3 day trip across the country. Poor babe, but he INSISTED that I fly back with Hudson, rather than make the grueling drive with him. All I can say is I am so grateful for a husband who is a true gentleman and would do anything for my comfort and happiness ♥ .

Any way, today we decided to enjoy our last day before its crunch time to pack and prepare to leave. We went to our beautiful pool, swam, played, and then went back to our house and had hamburgers. Fun! Great day.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Arkansas Sunset ..

I love the sunsets in Arkansas!

I took these pictures from our balcony window.... pretty! ♥

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner Cruise

Little Rock Arkansas has a beautiful River running through it, big bridges, a pretty city, and lots and lots of GREEN! I guess everything just grows really well here because its so warm and humid all the time. So any way, Derek and I decided to go on a scenic river boat tour. It also served a 3 course dinner and desert, with live entertainment and a two hour tour up-river. It was so nice to have a fun date planned for just the two of us. Luckily we have an awesome babysitter out here, Uncle Dane! :)... Hudson loves him, and Dane is great with kids. So Derek and I had a romantic little night on the River. The food was so delicious, and the night was perfect!

Here are some pics, although they don't do the sights justice because I'm not the best photographer. Especially when its so humid outside that you walk out and the camera lens is automatically foggy! ... but you can get an idea :)

16 months, and kinda walking!

Sooo, about 3 Sundays ago (on July 31st) Derek and I decided to fast for Hudson to start walking. I have googled a million different things about the "normal" age for babies to start walking, and almost every website says the same thing, that its absolutely normal between the ages of 9 and 18 months. A huge time span I know, but I didn't worry about it until he was 15 months and not even standing alone yet. Well, the Sunday that we were fasting and praying for him, he actually started standing by himself for the first time. We were so excited. 3 days later, he had officially taken his first step. The days following were slow progress, but he was taking more and more steps alone. By the next Sunday, he was to the point where he could walk alone as long as we were bribing him with a toy or treats to walk to. Now, three weeks later, he is still taking steps, but shows no interest in walking alone, and always prefers to crawl. I try not to worry about it, but its hard not to when every baby I know that's his age is walking by now.

When we get back to Idaho, in about 2 weeks from now, I am definately making an appointment with his Dr. just to be on the safe side. I guess I'll leave it up to the Doc to make the decision if he needs to see a specialist about this or not. I'm hoping he just says its normal, and that Hudsie will walk in his own time.... Guess we will see!! And who knows, maybe Hudson will be completely walking by himself by then. Because when he actually decided to crawl, he just crawled from then on, we didn't have to bribe him at all.

Any way. He is our amazing angel no matter when he decides to walk! He is such an intelligent and interactive little boy. And sooo big for his age too. He loves to color... ( or play with the crayons and paper), He loves swimming at our beautiful pool, Loves it when Daddy comes home from work... and cries when he leaves:(, He is SUCH a Daddy's boy, and if you read my previous post you saw that the whole thing was a tribute to how much they adore eachother ♥ I wouldn't have it any other way! Hudson understands and says so many words now. He's even starting to say his own name, in the form of "Hud" and its sooo amazing to see how fast he picks up on everything. We started him on sign language videos, and I bought him a baby signs book about 4 days ago. So we'll see how fast that goes, but he already does "help me", Love it! One thing is for sure, Hudson is the MOST snuggly 16 month old boy I have EVER known! He prefers to cuddle on Mommy or Daddy's lap over doing almost anything. Mommy and Daddy could never ask for more than such a loving, and loveable babe. Can't wait to make more amazing memories with you sweet angel.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is how much Hudson loves Daddy...

I love how much my boys love eachother! ... ♥

cuddly loves ...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our fun day at the Little Rock, Arkansas Zoo!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Until we meet again, Tom and Nolan

It's been a very emotional week this past week. Both my good friend Tommy, and also my Cousin Nolan were killed within 3 days of each other. Totally different people and different incidences, but it is just so ironic to me that two people in my life passed away so close together.

They were both so young, Tom 29, and Nolan barely 20. They had their whole lives ahead of them, and both were such unexpected and tragic deaths. It is times like these when it makes you appreciate all of your loved ones so much more, and remember how fragile life truly is. It makes you wonder when you may see someone for the last time without even knowing it, or what your last words or actions were to that person.

I pray for my sweet Aunt Diana. Nolan was her only child, her only baby boy. I can not imagine what she is going through with the loss of her son. She is a wonderful and a strong woman, and I know she will see him again, I know we all will.

So until we meet again, I will miss you and you are always in my heart. Both of you. Love you Nolan and Tom!!

2 months!

Wow, has it really almost been 2 whole months since I last blogged?!!! This summer has been by far the craziest time in my life since Derek and I got married. SOOOO much has happened. We have lived in Tyler Texas, gone back to Idaho for visits, and as of last week are currently living in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Since there is really no way to summarize 2 months into one post, I'll just give the highlights that come to mind.

I flew to Idaho alone with Hudson on July 10th. We stayed there for 14 whole days away from Derek!! To say the least, we were both traumatized without Daddy. Little Hudson loves and needs his Dad so much. He had a hard time sleeping for naps and going down at nights, looking and calling for "dadda." It is so hard seeing your 14 month old crying and pretty much constantly fussy because he misses his Dad, and doesn't know why he isn't there all the sudden. Although we both missed Derek a lot, we still had some fun times in Idaho with the Fam and friends. Grandma Suzette did a 15 month photo shoot of Hudson while we were there. The pictures are sooo cute! We did a lot of other things too, walks on the greenbelt, swims in the blow-up kiddie pool, and lots of eating out!

Sooooo, now were all reunited again as a happy lil family in Arkansas. I think we flew in last week. It's all kind of blurring together because its been so crazy lately. I really can't believe that my baby really isn't a baby anymore. He is more of a little boy every day. Still not walking, but definately on the verge. He has taken a couple shaky steps toward Derek or I a few times, and walks all over the furniture and with his walker. Just not on his own yet. He is very vocal, and seems to get a louder voice as we go, lol. Yelling is fun haha, but he says a lot of words too which is adorable. I can't believe how much of a water baby he is!! We have an awesome pool here at the appartments in Little Rock, and Hudson and I go down to it at least once a day. He keeps me on my feet, and I love it! Such a sweet spirited and smart baby angel.
But yeah, in a vague nutshell thats been the past 2 months of the Harris life.