Sunday, October 28, 2012

A growing babe

This boy is HUMONGOUS!! I don't know how it happened. Seriously.
Every year we go to the Berry Ranch and pick out pumpkins while doing a little photo shoot. Its tradition. A la my momma :)
The fact that there were tractors there made for a perfect photo op since Hudsie has a slight obsession with them. Otherwise known as "Tactor." ;)
I'm officially a soccer mom! Ha. No but seriously. We started Hudson in toddler soccer because we thought it would be a fun Saturday morning activity for us, and would be great for Hudson's coordination and motor skills. His little team was called the "Ponies." So cute! His last "game" was this last Saturday where all of the kids were given soccer certificates and other little prizes. Hudson loved it and got much better at kicking the ball into the goal at the end of the 6 weeks!
Love this precious boy!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hair removal adventures ... ;)

Ok, so I originally wanted to start blogging so that I would have a family "journal" for my kids to look back on. Life has gotten away with me since April, my last post, and I feel really guilty not keeping some sort of a family record. So although I don't know where to start, I guess I'll start fresh and HOPEFULLY blog something, even small, once a week. That's my personal goal. I had a journal all through middle school and I love looking back and reading things that I never would have remembered! A lot has changed in my life! I never thought that I would work once I had kids, and I still don't have to, but an amazing opportunity fell into my lap. I was actually going to get Laser hair removal at simplicity myself, and Jackilyn, the manager there, and I clicked and we ended up talking about me being an Esthetician. I said I wouldn't mind working a part time schedule to practice esthetics again. She highered me for 2 days a week which I was ok with since I still had most of the week to be with Hudson. My mom watches Hudson for me too so I don't have to worry about a daycare or anything. Jackilyn and I worked together at Simplicity from June until now, when we decided to branch off and do our own thing!!! :) We bought a Laser, leased a space out of a Doctor's office, and are working out a lot of final details! We decided our company name is "Precision Laser Esthetics." I LOVE it! So far everything has been running on time, and smoother than I could have ever imagined. Owning a business is a gamble, and a rush at the same time! Derek has given us so much advice since he is also an entrepreneur and has supported us the whole time! We definately couldn't do this with out him. Next week we are starting the remodel in our space, and hopefully the week after getting signage up and furniture in! I am so excited to get pictures up and see how this adventure continues! I am such a blessed girl and love my friends and family who support me and encourage me to be my best! <3