Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet BOY!

Oh my goodness this is one sweet, and FAST growing boy! In the past 2 or 3 weeks he has made SO many changes. He is really starting to catch on to his "My baby can read" videos. Hudson loves to say "hi," he will wave, clap, feed you his "treats," and is slowly starting to repeat words from his videos or that we prompt him to say.

Hudsie gets so proud of himself when he claps or does something "cool" and we cheer for him and encourage him... he really gets a kick out of it.

We love him so much and just can't keep up with all the new and precious things he does every day!

Love you our Hudson babe. ♥

Les Mis

So we flew to SLC from Texas this past weekend to go to LES MISERABLES! It was sooo awesome, the acting and singing was amazing. It was at the Capital city Theatre downtown Salt Lake City. And of course Derek, Hudson, and I stayed at the Sheraton as always. Always such a nice and comfy Hotel to stay at! Here are some pictures from the weekend, we met my family, and Derek's family and friends there. Great Times!

We started our night at PF Changs... YUMMM.

Outside the Theatre, about to go in!

Road trippin it back to Boise from SLC on Saturday night. Baby boy was sleeping for most the trip, plus we had a HUGE dinner at Maddox with Grandma and Grandpa Stokes right before we left town. So all of us were a little food- delirious. haha

Awesome weekend! ♥

Country photo shoot :)

Our updated family photos, taken by my Mom of course! June, 10th 1011

LOVE them!!

... We drove up Eagle road up into the foothills, then found this gorgeous canyon that none of us knew about! It was such a gorgeous back drop for the theme of our pictures.

My angel and I

Sweet country bebe

Hudson had so much fun!