Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So many new things :)

My baby boy isn't such a baby any more! He isn't even 12 months any more, its now 13!! Lately it seems like he does something new every day... literally! Since we moved to Texas, which was on the 10th of May, about 2 weeks ago, Hudson has started doing so many new things.

Some of his recent developments:

* Saying "dog," "go," and of course still "momma" and "dadda."
* Pulling himself up on furniture (as of about 7 days ago)
* Cruising all around the furniture,( couches, bed, kitchen table.etc.)
* He is now starting to recognize certain words from his, "My baby can Read" videos. Like when the word "point" comes on, he automatically will lift up his finger and point at the tv. And the word "banging," he starts banging on the floor, or a toy.
* He is also slowly getting used to the girls at the gym daycare... which in my eyes, is a huge development since he was so sad when I left him there at first! I'm glad he's starting to have fun with the other kids and toys now :)
* Still sleeps about 11 1/2 to 12 hours a night
* Wears size 4 diapers
* his 10th tooth is now cutting through, but not seeming to bother him much
* LOVES LOVES the pool here in Texas, can never get sick of splashing and kicking in it.
* Loves other baby's and children.
* Whenever Derek calls from work, I put him on speaker, and when Hudson hears daddy's voice he will sit there and look at the phone saying, "dadadadadadadada." Super cute ♥

I SWEAR I will take some pictures soon, and update the blog! Other than the photo booth one I managed to take the other day... Ive been busy, and as you can tell I can't keep up with Hudson's new developments, and quickly growing curiosity for the "no no's" around the house. I LOVE my boy!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


So here we are in Texas, it's funny how I find myself making more posts about us moving than anything it seems like!... Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Texas... etc. lol. At least it keeps life fresh and exciting! It's not the "living in a new place," that bothers me, its the "getting there," that bothers me.
Since Derek drove our Mustang, which was still in Phoenix, from Phoenix to Texas, that left Hudson and I to fly to Texas alone. Which we did, 9 days ago.
I was REALLY dreading that flight, which consisted of 3 flights and 2 layovers, alone, with a baby! ... let's just say I underestimated my sweet baby, he was perfect the whole way :), and I arrived in a great mood to Tyler Texas on Wednesday the 10th of May.
So far so good here! My friend Lonna that I knew from our summer in Pittsburgh is here, and she is awesome! We have lots of fun together, and we are gym buddies now. I love the gym here, its called, "FIT" and its affordable and includes child care! Hudson and her kids go in there and do great every time! It's a nice time to get out of the house and have someone else take care of him for an hour or so :) Especially since Im at home in the appartment from 1 to about 9:30 every day! Its kind of hard, but we know its only for a short period of time, and the rest of the year Derek gets to be at home with Hudsie and I.

Anyway, not too much other than that... Its gorgeous here, very green, and humid, and HOT! Luckily for the nice pools here that we go down to weekly, by us meaning all of the "security wives." Which is what all of us wives call ourselves.
So Ill try to take some pics here pretty soon to update with, other than that... its LATE and I'm goin to bed.

night :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The power of prayer.

Yesterday, before we left the house to go on a bike ride, my Mom had the feeling to go back in the house before taking off and say a little prayer. She wasn't sure why she felt so strongly, but she did so, and met Nat and I on back out on the drive way to take off on our ride. It was about 10 a.m. and we were planning on riding our bikes Downtown Eagle and eating brunch at Rembrandts, (Our favorite "coffee" shop and cafe.)

Nat started off riding ahead of Mom and I, and decided to take the neighborhood route Downtown, rather than Floating Feather to Eagle. In that neighborhood there is a MASSIVE downward hill we had to cross called Stierman, which we decided would be fun to book as fast as we could down. Mom and I raced ahead of Natalie, and the next thing we heard was two huge, what sounded like explosions behind us. My mom turned around first and screamed that she had fallen. I slowed down as fast as I could and turned my bike around and started running back up the hill toward Natalie. Once I saw my sister laying on top of her bike handle bars in the middle of the road, I dropped my bike and ran faster! I was so scared, especially hearing my mom behind me frantic too.

Somehow before I reached her, I saw her get up and slump herself over to the nearest grassy yard and pass out. Once I got to her, all I could see was blood all over her chin, neck, chest, and hands.

Several neighbors and passer's by stopped to ask if they could do anything to help, one guy had some clean bandages and gauze to apply pressure to her chin and hands. I decided to call 911 because she was shaking so bad. I didn't want her to go into shock.

Pretty soon the paramedics reached us, there was a big crew it seemed like, I was really shooken up so its hard to recall details about what they did and said to her, but I remember they told her she was going to be ok, and she was EXTREMELY lucky that her injuries weren't much more severe than they were. After checking her over, they determined it wasn't necessary for her to ride in the ambulence to the hospital, and that my Dad could just come pick us up and take us there.

After dropping her off at the ER, I waited a few hours at home with Hudson to hear news from my Mom. They finally called and said she had no concussions, no broken bones, nothing more than stitches in her chin, and bandaged hands! I was in shock and relieved at how minor her injuries were, and thought back to what my Mom had told me about the prayer that morning. I knew why she had that feeling. I am so grateful she prayed for our safety on that bike ride, and that our Heavenly Father constantly watches over us. There must have been a guardian angel with her yesterday, because she still doesn't remember getting up from the road, and moving to the grass.

Such a miracle, and an eye opener. I love my baby sister and am so grateful she is ok!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt @ Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house!

Hudson and Camry did their own thing before all the other older cousins came out to "hunt eggs." He had so much fun walking around in the grass and picking up the colorful eggs!

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He even had some easter chocolate... :)

Easter Sunday

This was Easter dinner over at Great Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house. We had delicious dinner, and all the kids played with their Easter eggs and ate candy. I think Hudson loved the dinner part more than the candy more though! He almost ate a whole plate to himself, including mashed potatoes, some salad, and funeral potatoes with green beens. Of course a roll too, which is his favorite! :) It was a beautiful day outside, so we got to go out and play on the swings after ward, which all the kids loved. It was a really fun day!

Cousin Brylee sharing her easter treats with Hudson.

Cammy, Kaden, and Hudson hanging out on Grandma Ann's floor. Too cute.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time to "baby proof" the house:)!

After taking Hudson to Dr. Schwendiman on the 22nd of April, I found out that Hudson needed to get a move-on with the whole crawling thing. The Doc told me that as his mommy (me) needed to stop catering to his every fuss and just let him figure out how to get to me or his toys, rather than me go get him every time! It was hard, but I let him cry it out on his stomach a few times. Derek and I had been working with him too as far as showing him how to move his arms and legs in motion.

Well, all the tears payed off, because on Tuesday night Hudson started crawling!! It was a total suprise to me, I was just making dinner, Derek was out running errands, and I looked over to the living room and Hudson was chasing a balloon!! I couldn't believe it happened just like that. So adorable and exciting! Ever since then, he realized he could be mobile, so he's been everywhere. I am already working on getting all breakables and small objects out of his reach.

The Doctor also gave us his "one month stats"

Height: 92nd percentile, 31 inches

Head circumference: 92nd percentile (explaining why he's so smart;)

Weight: 35th percentile, 21 lbs. 13oz.

He also says that Hudson is a very sociable baby, and smiles and interacts more than normal for his age! Oh we love this perfect little spirit!! ♥