Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hudson's first Christmas was sooo much fun! Now I really know how magical Christmas is through the eyes of a child!... Even though Hudson didn't quite "get" the whole Christmas meaning and the excitement of Christmas morning, it was still so much fun watching him help open his little gifts! I think he REALLY loves some of the presents he got too, particularly his new walker :-)

The awesome toy Gramma and Grampa Harris got him! :)

Hudsie and Uncle Nick

Hims LOVES watching Grandma Nancy's train :-)

Sportin' one of the adorable new outfits his Nana got him for christmas ...

Our AWESOME gingerbread house :)

Hudsie was a little bit excited on Christmas morning as you can see... it was so magical seeing his eyes light up!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

2 Year Anniversary!

Our Romantic Suite

Chandlers!... yummm. We had Atlantic King Salmon, and a Filet Mignon. Dilishh

Derek and I celebrated our second year anniversary last Wednesday, December 22nd. Derek suprised me and got my parents to take Hudson for the night, and secretly booked a room at the Anniversary Inn, and dinner reservations for Chandlers. We had such an awesome evening, and Derek did an amazing job suprising me and making me feel so special...

Romeo and Juliet Suite.... Derek picked this out all on his own! Good job babe. I LOVED it :-)

The room serves Martinellis instead of Champagne... Perfect! :)

Love how there are two levels in the room! Aweome.

Heres to two years babe! More in love than ever, love you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our puppy is 8 months today!

Hudson is 8 months old:-) He is such a sweet little baby boy! Every day Derek and I find so much joy in raising him, and are so blessed to have his sweet spirit with us in our home!... He is getting SO heavy! My goodness, it is hard to carry him around in his carseat these days, I prefer to just get him out of it and carry him in my arms if I have to. His sweet little thighs and cheeks are getting more edible every day too. I think Its been really helping him gain weight since I feed him solids four times a day now, and he eats a lot of solids! His favorites are my homemade organic applesauce, homemade butternut squash, and then anthing with avocado! He will actually eat just about anything you feed him, but new flavors take a little getting used to, and his face when trying new things is PRICELESS:) Lately he has been haveing a harder time sleeping from 8 to 8 just because his second bottom tooth is coming through now, and it really is uncomfortable for him.
The past two days I have tried letting him watch this baby einstein movie his Aunt Natalie got him, and he actually loves watching it on Mommy and Daddy's bed. He is really good at sitting up an
d playing on his own now. No crawling yet, but im pretty sure thats my fault for giving into his dislike for "tummy time" and NEVER making him spend any time on his tummy. Oh well, who knows, he just might skip crawling all together and just walk. Haha!
Anyway, we can NOT wait for Chrismas this weekend! We have him so many exciting new toys and a brand new walker:-) I hope he likes it all!
Mommy and Daddy love you so much Sweet Hudson, Thank you for coming to us and blessing us and making everyday so special. ♥

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New news...

Derek and I found out yesterday that we're moving to Arizona in 4 weeks. It was a quick and necessary decision, because the office manager running Triton's office in Mesa, isn't doing his job correctly. We don't want to lose all of the great salesmen working down there because of a poor leader, so Derek is going down to take over til he can groom a replacement. We think it will take about 4 to 5 months to get things running smooth enough for us to move back home, and for the replacement manager to take over. So hopefully mid-April, beginning of May we will be back home sweet home. I am a little sad that my parents will miss out on so much growth and development of Hudson in the next few months, because by the time we get back he'll already be a year old!! Just because its their first grandchild, and I love spending time with my family at-least every other night! ... I guess it will be good for a change of pace, the nice thing is that our friends Natalie and Tyler Pooley are taking over our house here while we are gone, and we can leave most of our furniture here instead of going through the hassle of moving it all out and getting a storage unit and blah blah blah... So we will have a place to come back to in the Spring. I am actually a little excited to be going during the winter to escape the after-holiday drag and the rest of the dreary winter here. Arizona is the perfect place to get a little sun! My mom said she would come to visit too because we used to live there and she has friends there she would like to catch up with any way.

I guess even though the next few weeks will be stressful, it will be great for the company, and better for our future all together. Were hoping Derek can be successful selling with the guys, and we can come up with a downpayment for a house! That would be NICE! :-).... Oh yeah, we are debating on getting a house to rent there, or an appartment. I would have ruled out appartments until I looked at their AMAZING pools there, and the luxury appartments they have available with great prices.... tough decision! Wish us luck in the next month, we'll need it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can ya see it now?

Its really coming through now! If you zoom in you can see his tiny white toothy..

He's been sitting up soooo well on his own too!

sportin his Christmas shirt :-)

Grabbing his yummy toes!!

Always smiling and laughing ♥

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth :-)

... Its been a LONG time coming, but yes... Hudson FINALLY had his first pearly white pop through this past Monday!! YAY. I have been suspecting teething for months now. So I am relieved to know that the reason Hudsy hasn't been wanting bottles lately did have something to do with his sore gums. It was funny because for the first 2 or three days that followed his tooth surfacing, he ate exceptionally well! But now its back to the same old same old. Practically having to trick him into drinking a bottle for every feeding. I wonder if this is normal, or if he is just having abnormal teething sensitivities.?? Any way, its been an interesting week for him, extra runny nose again, and other teething symptoms. But we are so excited he has his first little tooth, he literally wants his 2 front teeth by Christmas, and so do we!!
hmmmm, what else interesting happened this week.... Derek and I finished all three seasons of Arrested Development. I am addicted, and now sad that there are no more seasons to watch! But we also began watching the show "24" on netflix. Its awesome, and very addicting as well. We are actually watching it right now, already on the 10th episode. So I guess since theres nothing too exciting to blog about other than Hudson's lil tooth, I think I'll call it a night!

My favorite Christmas present eVER under the tree. ♥