Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, in my last post I mentioned "moving to Arizona for two months," There is a LONG story behind that, but to save us all, I'll just give ya the short version. Basically, John Housian, Derek's business partner, decided to get an investor in order to get more money for the company. The problem with that is there were no more stocks available for investors to buy into the company, so John decided to just create more stocks, which diluted Derek's ownership % down to slmost nothing. :( ... This all happened AFTER they sent our WHOLE family down to Arizona in order to start the Phoenix market for Triton.... So after John made the decision to have that investor come in, it was all down hill from there, this guy, who'm I won't talk much about,(grrrr) basically gave Derek no choice but to leave the company. So here we are in AZ, stranded again, empty handed. Luckily the company at least paid for our trip back home, but now were left here to start over career wise! So scary after thinking everything was going to be stable the rest of our lives....

So, in all of this I think that our family has learned a lot. We have been humbled, become MUCH better at saving our money and budgeting, and it has really motivated us to do moer with our lives. I, for one started online college courses about 3 and a half weeks ago. It feels so good to be learning again, and doing something great for the future of our family. Derek also decided to start next semester, and finish up his business degree that he started 7 years ago! This summer, he will also be moving to Tyler, Texas for about 4 months to sell security systems again, and we got a nice signing bonus which made that an easy decision. I will be visiting him off and on throughout the summer, but primarily staying home so we can keep our house, and not have to move ALL our belongings again. My sister Nat just moved back from Hawaii as well, so we offered her to come stay with us while he's gone. It will be a win win situation because that way I won't be as lonely, and also she will have somewhere to live, and be able to drive our Mustang around.

I'm glad to be in college now, and hope I can start my own skin school with my business degree in about 4 years! Exciting :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

He's 11 months today, its officially time to start planning the first Birthday party!

Baby boy is just a month away from turning ONE YEAR OLD!! I laugh at myself for saying this, but I still can't believe its been this long already. Oh how they grow so fast in JUST 11 months time. Such a bittersweet thing to watch him grow, yet getting older and older every day and less and less my tiny baby. I just hope that we haven't missed anything, and wonder if I am doing everything as his mom to provide him with the best future possible. It truely is scary being a parent in this world. And I just want him to be sweet and innocent forever! haha... I'm sure every parent feels the same :). Anyway, on a brighter note, I need to start his Birthday party plans. I already have an idea for invitations from shutterfly, I created them back in December, lol. Also, I found the CUTEST octopus cake online. His party theme will be under the ocean. So Im thinking that we can have a barbecue for the adults, the kids can play fishing games and ill come up with some other fun entertainment for the guests. I saw this idea online to decorate the house with lots of helium balloons so the ribbons hang down and look like kelp or seaweed. I don't know if I'll actually do that, but I'm starting to brainstorm ideas for fun!

Hudson still hasn't had a doctors check-up since he was 6 months old! Due to us moving to Arizona for 2 months and what not, we kinda got thrown off schedule for all that stuff. So I'm still not completely sure what he weighs at this point, his length, head circumference, or his percentiles for this age! ... I am setting his next appointment for mid-April though. I am anxious to see his developments :) Some of his cute, fun stats:

*Rolls onto his stomache from the sitting position.

*Starting to get used to "tummy time"

*gets up on all fours but not for long periods of time

*walks and balances well as long as we have one of his hands

*Since the time-change, his bedtime schedule is from 9:30pm to about 9:00 am! NICE:)

*When he starts getting sick of his bottle, he will try to feed mommy and daddy some too, its precious!

*Also, tries to let us suck on his binky.

* As of about a week and a half, he sleeps un-swaddled during naps and at nightime, we just cover him with one 'of his smaller blankies, then top it with his big quilt.

*says "mama, dada, and lala"

*He man handles every toy he has now, no matter the size, and will turn them upside down and examine them with JUST his one pointer finger. Oh I love him so much!

*When mommy and daddy walk away he gets brokenhearted and reaches for us.

* rides in a bigo boy carseat in the car!! Forward facing :)

* picks up cheerios and feeds himself...

What an amazing baby boy he has been in our lives. We love you Hudson and would do anything for you sweet baby angel. XOXOXOXO forever

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A lot has happened!!!

Holy cow, so where do I even begin. Well for starters, I am writing this blog all alone in bed, at midnight, without Derek... because he's in FRESNO! Blah. I really don't like being home alone ever, let alone at night. So this marks a big one in my history book. I can officially be the lady of the house while my Hubby is out makin the bakin. Ha. Any way, I did fine last night, Hudsie slept in til 9 am which was amazing for my restfulness! :) And then we got some laundry and cleaning done together. It was really fun just bein alone with him today, surprisingly. I thought I would get more bored and stuff but it is an awesome bonding experience to just spend one on one time with my son. He is such a smart, sweet, wonderful boy. I think he lightens up anyones day with that smile he's throwin at EVERYONE!! Thats one flirty baby boy! And Iknow every one who is lucky enough to see it loves it.......

My other baby Derek on the other hand, is also doing fabulously. Just got a nice signing bonus to go out and work in Tyler Texas this summer. I will be staying here primarily, and will go for extended visits at a time. Can't miss that texas sun and fun! Plus, I can barely go two days without the love of my life, so how would I survive 4 months away!... Thats why Ill be goin down there so often.. It will be fun too since my friend Lonna from the Pittsburgh season will be there also so we can go do our fun crazy adventures in a new city this time! FUN.

Anyway, lots more has happened recently, is currently happening, and will happen just this week! So ... ill update ya tomorrow hopefully. cuz its gettin a lil late!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Extras from v-day, and other random events lately

My little musician!... seriously though, Hudson LOVES anything music! From just jammin out to the radio, watching his baby Einstein videos, playing his baby Einstein piano, or even playing the baby grand!... I think we have a pianist on our hands, he could never get board of poundin' on those keys :)

Hudson and his baby girlfriend, Lucy (she's my friend Chelsea Miller's baby girl, 3 weeks younger than our Hudsie.)

Two sweeties ♥