Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hudson is 9 months old

On the 21st of this month, 5 days ago our baby boy was 9 months old! I can't even believe its already been another month, and I almost forgot to blog about his most recent stats and developments. So since we moved away, we missed his 9 month baby check-up with Dr. Schwindeman. I have yet to find him a new pediatrician here in Mesa, so he hasn't gotten weighed, measured, or any of his 9 month updates yet. Which I need to hurry and set that up! But even without hearing any new stats from the Doctor, I can tell you that he is changing FAST! Since last months update, he has grown in almost 5 new teeth! The one on the bottom right next to his first one is very visible, and almost as big already. There are two on the top that have already surfaced, and I can see 3 more that are swolen and right on the verge of poking through. Our sweet baby boy has had a rough time sleeping at nights due to the teething pain, but im positive were through the worst of it! He is always so cheerful and smiley. My favorite thing about him right now is how every morning when he wakes up, instead of crying he just talks and coos in his crib til we come get him up. And when he sees us there is always the BIGGEST grin on his sweet face. It makes it all worth it just to see that smile. We love how he has recently become interested in attempting to be more mobile. Now he can lift himself up to a crawl stance, he just hasn't gotten the motion of scooting or actually incorporating his legs into moving with his arms either. But he's getting better every day, and we have been practicing a lot more too. He sits up very well on his own now, he can kneel and play with toys on the floor, when we hold his hands he will practically run around the room as long as there is support from one of us. He eats four big meals a day, one with every bottle feeding. His favorites are still avocado, he loves any type of yogurt, any type of fruit oatmeal, and pretty much anything mommy and daddy are eating... just because he sees us putting it into our own mouths! ... Since he has gotten so many teeth recently, I bought him a baby toothbrush, which he LOVES to get his teeth brushed every night now! Hudson will open up and laugh the whole time. Very adorable! I need to get a video of that and post it too!
Any way, all in all he is a very healthy baby boy. He brings us so much joy every day, and makes life so much more enjoyable and worthwhile. He truely makes life different and amazing in so many ways! We love you sweet baby, and hope you stay this sweet forever! Even when you're a teenager and out of the house, You will always be our precious angel! Love you Hudson ♥

Here's Hudsie playing in his "new" AZ room 5 days ago :-)

Monday, January 24, 2011

New HAiR!

So I decided to try lightening my hair agian, I don't want to have fried orange hair, so i'm going to do it slowly by highlighting it little by little. Here is what it looks like at the first of this long process! This lady I went to did an awesome job. A little spendy, but worth the good work:)

Like it???... Derek does, he wasn't so sure of it when I first came home with it. After a few hours of getting used to it though he said that lighter hair on me brings out my blue eyes...? hopefully this is true! We'll see how the rest of this pursuit for blonde goes :)

Some AZ adventures ...

My personal favorite picture of Derek and Hudson in the pool. Capturing what a sweet, wonderful daddy Derek is, and how happy and smiley our little Hudie is all the time!! ♥

Love snuggling my babe!

Layin out by the pool :)

Headed to church our first Sunday in AZ!

He's getting to be such a big boy!

CAmPiNG!!... :)

Literally a "happy camper"

The beautiful desert sunset ...

We all had a suprisingly fun time camping in the usery mountains Saturday night... Hudson loved spending time outside with all the intersting things to do and see.

There were actually TARANTULA holes right next to our tents!!!! Trust me I was freaking out!!... Everyone finally convinced me that tarantulas hibernate during the winter and wouldn't be coming out at all that night. So I decided to try it. Ironically both the bebe's kept waking up in the night so we ended up leaving camp early. I was secretly relieved. lol. Although the events before we went to bed were way fun! Delicious food, and fun.!

Our lovely fire :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Warm, sunny, beautiful, nice, and very DIFFERENT, are some of the things I would say describe Mesa, Arizona. Our new "temporary" home. We have been here a little over a week now. We left on the 7th of January, and arrived on the Monday following. Our "little" 3-day road trip went suprisingly smoothly, especially for sweet Hudsie. I'de say out of the whole 17 hour drive Hudson cried maybe a total of 25 minutes. I was so proud of him, and to make our trip better, we were able to meet up with my parents in Las Vegas along the way. My Dad just so happened to be doing a convention for his job that weekend, and my Mom went with him. Perfect timing! We stayed a night at the Treasure Island Hotel, and had an awesome time hanging out with them there! We were also able to stop in St. George and stay a night with my Nana, which was such a treat to be able to spend some time with her as we rarely see her.
When we arrived late Monday nightin Mesa , Derek's cousins were at our Appartment complex waiting to help us unload our U-haul. It was a big sigh of relief for me just knowing that we had people here who love and care about us. Govi, Danielle's wife and I have become quite close in the small amount of time that we have spent with them so far, and I'm sure we have lots of fun times ahead in the next four months!
I have a bazillion pictures of Hudson in the pool, and of lots of our other adventures along the way so far, but its too late to post them all right now, I'll have to do that tomorrow~ But all in all everything is going great, miss my family of course, but this is good. night :-)