Friday, April 20, 2012

Hudson isn't such a baby anymore... he's turning TWO! :)

In honor of Hudson turning TWO YEARS OLD tomorrow, I wanted post an update on all of the new things he is up to lately. Since we took the binky away last month, he has developed so quickly! Some of his favorite things to say lately are: "Flay" for flower, "Bapa" for Grandpa, "Fy" for fire, "feesh" for gold fish (his favorite food) lol, "baby", "bear", "kick", "boww" for ball, "what" "go" "bye bye", "woof woof" anytime he hears or sees a dog. ha :), "ready to go", "no!" whenever he knows he is doing something naughty, "mamma", "deh deh" for daddy, "aside" for outside, "all done" he will say this in sign language or verbally, "all gone", "more" in sign language, "bubble" he LOVES bubbles!, "watuh" for water, "oh bwayed" for more bread, "two" when we are counting he will say two and try for three. So cute!, "hi" he loves enthusiastically saying hi to complete strangers. It really makes people happy!, "hey you" for hello, "kuh" for kitty, "wow", "whassatt" for whats that, Some new things he does that we love! feed himself with a fork. Although he has become much more finicky in the past few weeks, (something we don't love so much.) Still loves drinking his green smoothies! His favorite foods currently are fresh strawberries, avocado, tomatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, fish crackers, capri sun, cheese, French fries, and CANDY. haha He still goes to sleep by rubbing his bears tail on his cheeks, and sucking on it too (yuck), I sanitize the tail weekly! lol... He is in a size 5 diaper, and we think its about time to start potty training in a few weeks because he wakes up dry from his naps and bedtime. He is also curious about mommy and daddy going on the potty. So we will see in a month or so if he wants to try. He already went poop on the big boy toilet last week at Grandma LaRae's house. He was a little nervous, but I think he will be ready soon! His favorite movies are Finding Nemo, Megamind, Rio, Sesame Street and anything Pixar. :) He loves to dance, especially in front of our full length mirror in mommy and daddy's room. It really cracks him up to watch himself dance and talk in the mirror. One of his most amazing developments is the way he swims. Since he has been in swimming lessons since he was 17 months, he has learned to swim to Mommy and Daddy, swim to the stairs, flip and float on his back when he needs to rest and breathe, and he loves going swimming everytime now! It started off a little rocky since he cried so much at first, but now swimming is probably his favorite activity. Every time we take him to the pool, people gather around to watch him and ask how we got him to swim like that. haha. His swimming teacher, Anne, is amazing and has given him a gift that he can use forever, and make me feel safer about swimming and boating with him in the summers. Hudson loves doing anything outside, he loves spending time with Grampa and Daddy, his two favorite people at the moment. He is such a sweet spirited little boy. Everyday he makes us laugh and brings a lot of love and fun moments into our home. We are so blessed to have him and we can't wait for more memories to come!!


  1. So Precious! I enjoyed reading this! Sounds like a fun, happy, sweet, and smart babe!

    1. Thanks Lieren! I really can't believe he will be two tomorrow, time fly's when you have a little one.... speaking of little ones, I am waiting to see a little one of your own!!! ;) ;) hint hint. You will have darling bebes!