Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Birthday ~ big 25!

My Birthday. ♥

Well, I'm a half a century old! lol. And I was especially spoiled on this birthday because Derek knew I was sad to be half way through my twenties already. Sounds silly, but I really was because it feels like I literally just turned twenty! Any way, we all went to Barbacoa on my Birthday night, and a few days later again with Rachel to celebrate our Birthdays together. Derek got me my pink faced, bling Fossil watch that I had been wanting for a while now. A Victoria's secret gift card, and Express gift card. Shopping, and all my favorite stores! He really knows how to make me happy. PLUS, the new Adidas gym shoes that I wanted too. Glad he knows my taste, so sweet! So... a couple weeks later Derek and I headed up to Cascade to go snowmobiling with the Birthday gift card my parents bought me for an all day rental with the sleds up there! It was so nice having the whole mountain to ourselves that Friday. We left early in the morning, and started up the trail at about 9 a.m. We went up to this hot springs about 45 minutes up the trail. Right in the middle of the snowy forest. It was so awesome changing into our swimsuits and taking a nice hot dip to relax in the middle of our day snowmobiling. We ate lunch after sitting in the hot springs, and then headed back down the mountain after warming up by the fire for a while. It was a perfect day!

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