Sunday, October 28, 2012

A growing babe

This boy is HUMONGOUS!! I don't know how it happened. Seriously.
Every year we go to the Berry Ranch and pick out pumpkins while doing a little photo shoot. Its tradition. A la my momma :)
The fact that there were tractors there made for a perfect photo op since Hudsie has a slight obsession with them. Otherwise known as "Tactor." ;)
I'm officially a soccer mom! Ha. No but seriously. We started Hudson in toddler soccer because we thought it would be a fun Saturday morning activity for us, and would be great for Hudson's coordination and motor skills. His little team was called the "Ponies." So cute! His last "game" was this last Saturday where all of the kids were given soccer certificates and other little prizes. Hudson loved it and got much better at kicking the ball into the goal at the end of the 6 weeks!
Love this precious boy!!

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